About Mainsail Ministries

Mainsail Ministries is a communications ministry with an emphasis on Christian apologetics. Evan Plante of Worcester, Massachusetts, is its director.

Its purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the agency of cogent literature and discussion. Its hope is that every person may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. But we want those people to become well-informed, hardy believers.

Mainsail Ministries is organizational head of the Mainsail Conferences of Churches

Contact us at:

Mainsail Ministries
4 Lanark St
Worcester, MA 01603-1711



We would be honored to share the ministry with you through your prayer and financial gifts. Contributions may be mailed to the above address, or you may donate via PayPal by selecting the Donate button below. Please make checks out to Mainsail Ministries. We also accept cash cards or vendor gift cards. We shall use all proceeds prayerfully and carefully.

Mainsail Ministries is not tax-exempt -- this by choice. We hold no Federal (501c3) nor state tax exemption status, nor are we incorporated. Mainsail Ministries runs as a DBA in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Mainsail Ministries reserves the rights to all web page documents, but we will likely grant rights upon request if the object is to spread the Gospel. (See Terms of use)

For comments, or to join the Monday Musings mailing list, contact us at mainsailep@gmail.com.