Monday Musings for October 31, 2016

Good morning, Musers,

A week from tomorrow is Election Day (... and may God have mercy on the United States of America) — but this year's national ambivalence (by which I mean a shock-and-horror driven incapacitation) might tempt some people not to vote — or to vote for a minority candidate by way of protest. I do not recommend either, and that's what today's devotional thought is all about.

Please don't misunderstand me; I believe that voting for a minority candidate… but as your directly-purposed choice after thorough consideration… is honorable. But this is different than voting for one as a protest against the two major parties. 

It is normal for a Christian to wonder, why should I even bother to vote when I can’t endorse either candidate? Besides, there’s trouble in either direction — no matter who wins. But Scripture has the answer. You see, God himself voted in such an election... and he left us those election results in one of Jesus' teachings.

Today's musing will have all the election answers you've been waiting for. So please read Get Out and Vote!... and go ye and do the same.

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