Monday Musings for January 02, 2017

Good morning, Musers... and Happy New Years!

What better way to start the New Year than to give testimony to God… to the Lord Jesus Christ — and that’s what we’ll do today by exploring the fourfold witness.

You may not have heard of this phrase before, but it is one of those like the Rapture and the Trinity — phrases which themselves do not appear in the Bible, but which carry a lot of meaning… and often different meaning for different people. But no matter who is in my audience today, let it be known by all here present that I’m going to improve on a certain portion of God’s word by twenty-five percent… because I see a fivefold witness! Hey… maybe God just missed one (… oops… lightning strike imminent).

No… God never “misses” anything. It is we commentators who sometimes group elements differently. Remember, categories are nothing within themselves; they are merely labels that we assigned to objects to satisfy our own organizational schemes. As such, labels (and categories) are interpretive tools; they are not themselves Scripture; they help us make sense of Scripture… sometimes for the better… and sometimes for the worse.

I’m sure that God will excuse me for having some fun at his expense… after all, his word is perfect… and he knows that I know. But you’ll see why I “added” a witness when you read this article.

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