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michael taylor ford
0 #2 michael taylor ford 2015-07-19 03:45
when we pray and thank should it be to GOD or to his Son Jesus? I have always been confused/unsure about that; I usually end my prayer with "To the Father, Through the Son and the Holy Spirit I pray, Amen." is that right? we can only talk to God through Jesus right? also where I get confused is that in the bible says Jesus is Lord and also that God is Lord? that's why I have trouble understanding who to thank and whom to pray to. Please help clarify this for me. Thanks and God Bless.

(Find my answer at:)
0 #1 michael 2012-12-26 13:49
thanks for your post there.
I have a question too:
1) What does it really mean to live for God's glory? As in every do you know God's will in every circumstance to make decision that will take you different paths..?

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