Go and cry out to the gods you have chosen

Devotional thoughts for the month of September 2019

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“But you have forsaken me and served other gods, so I will no longer save you. Go and cry out to the gods you have chosen. Let them save you when you are in trouble!” (Judges 10:13–14)

The book of Judges is all about the cycle of the Jews: God called them out; they rejoiced and prospered; they became bored and sinned; sin’s natural consequences took them down; they worshipped false gods; they became oppressed; they cried out to God; God heard their cry and restored them… then they rejoiced and prospered; they became bored and sinned….

We Americans can take a lesson from Israel’s troubles because everyone’s troubles come from the same three sources. We are vexed by the world, our own flesh and the devil. So, let’s explore these to see if we can dodge the kinds of troubles that result in national sin... the kind where we worship other gods.

“The world” includes all non-God systems and the workings of its people. This is humankind’s ways, its works and the world’s inherent physicalness. Now, the world is neither good nor bad. It’s more like what water is for fish… a ubiquitous medium for getting around. But when the water becomes vile, the fish languish and die — and the world is just like that. The water we live in is becoming increasingly vile, and we are in this kind of trouble!

“The flesh” is the opposite of the spirit. We are told to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh — and here, free will causes mayhem in the Church. You see, even God's children walk after the flesh… and we rain havoc upon ourselves in so doing. But these troubles are our own doing… and although we Christians will wind-up in heaven, the journey can be less than victorious.

“The devil” (aka Satan) is the federal head of sin and the embodiment of evil. Also, he pretty much has his way here on earth. Fortunately, God has imposed limits upon him, and this gives us a fighting chance to resist him. Furthermore, he will ultimately be judged and sent away forever. But in the meantime, everything we see, hear, taste and smell are under his control... from some seemingly good things, right down to the false gods.

The people of America are under attack by these three enemies — which is no surprise… but the result is that we’ve raised a generation of immature adults. Now it’s appropriate for children to be immature; that’s their thing! But it is not appropriate for people who are making decisions for future generations… because soon, we’ll all be eating ice-cream for breakfast.

What has happened to doing good because it's the right thing to do? What has happened to stiff upper lips? What has become of dedication to a task and life-long marriage? What has happened to taking responsibility for wrong? Those three enemies are chipping away at the core of our society. And what’s the result?

America is raising a generation of moral wimps… and when trouble comes, we will have to cry unto the gods we have chosen. The question is, will God deliver us? Not until we realize our peril and ask him to. As our nation selects godless paths, our punishments will fit those crimes… and Israel has taught us that even a nation under God can be trodden underfoot.

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