(Greetings, Friends. This is Evan Plante. I'm the director of Mainsail Ministries. But for the last ten years, I have also served as a writer (a question responder) for Got Questions Ministries. To honor my service anniversary, GQ asked me to share some thoughts relative to that service that they could share with my fellow writers (we number about 250), and I thought that this partial biography could serve a broader audience... so I'm sharing it with you. Evan Plante.)


Evan Plante’s ten-year anniversary bio

My name is Evan Plante. I’m from Worcester, Massachusetts — and Worcester is not in the Bible Belt. Instead, it’s in the Catholic Belt. This means that I — along with a majority of the children who lived here back in the fifties — was raised Roman Catholic. But when I came of age, I threw the baby out with the holy water and started looking for that existential freedom that was just beyond my grasp… and I was surprised to find it in the Gospel.

I first heard the Gospel when I was 19 — and it rang so true that I swear that I had never heard anything like it before! And today — nearly fifty years hence — I credit its clarity and cogency for keeping me engaged in the faith… and for being the type of person who feels that it’s important to serve at Got Questions Ministries.

Here’s the thing: I see God as a knowable God — and that energizes me! But my interests lie on the theological and philosophical side of the faith. These emphases drive my life’s project: I am continually explaining God to myself — and everything I do (including my work at GQ) — flows from that.

I stumbled onto Got Questions Ministries while doing some online research, and it struck me how “right” its format was for the internet… and the internet was quickly defining the new world I found myself in. So, I contacted the editors and said I liked what they do… and now I’m doing it too!

My work at GQ is a natural extension of my life’s project — and I suspect this is why I’ve been at it for ten years. You see, instead of going about my day — explaining God to myself… I now include other people. What’s amazing is how often their questions line up with issues that I’ve already been researching.

In my ten tears, I’ve answered about 500 questions, and my favorite is, “What scriptures do I use to witness to an atheist friend?” That gave me the opportunity to introduce a faithful Bible-believing Christian to the world of extra-biblical arguments for the existence of God… and for a person who hasn’t thought about God philosophically before, this can be a game-changer.

My favorite piece of feedback came from a girl who was struggling with the election-versus-free-will paradox. I’m a Molinist, so I used that perspective to walk her through God’s middle knowledge… and she wrote back doing email’s version of back-handsprings!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m a bit of a free-thinker… and I do not take the party-line on many issues. I believe that the Christian worldview has the best explanation for all the data… but that means I give the extra-biblical data a fair hearing. So, on select secondary issues, I’m sure to give some of my fellow evangelicals a theological wedgie… but it’s an informed wedgie.

Fortunately, the editors at GQ put up with me… and I believe that the ministry is better for it. Given that we have around 250 writers — many from different backgrounds — we cannot help but have diversity-within-orthodoxy, and I see this as giving us an edge in communicating the Gospel to a diverse world that desperately needs to hear it.

So I say, well done, Got Questions Ministries! And well done, my fellow writers! I enjoy learning from you on our forum, so do not grow weary in well-doing.

(If any of you reading this would like to help the Kingdom of God by answering the occasional question about the Bible or the Christian culture, contact me and I will set you up with the appropriate editor at Got Questions Ministries. Contact Evan Plante at mainsailep@gmail.com)