Mainsail Ministries welcomes LifeSource Church members 

Greetings, friends. This is Evan Plante — and time flies! It's been almost two years since we started worshiping with the LifeSource family. Pastor Walt suggested that I give you a link to my online ministry — which I’m happy to do! But since my ministry has an apologetics focus, I think it prudent to issue a few cautions.

Things to consider before engaging with Mainsail Ministries

Some of you know that I’m a writer (a question-answerer) for Got Questions Ministries, but I’m also the director of a communications ministry called Mainsail Ministries. Now, it happens that I'm also a home-church pastor. But I have canceled Sunday services at our old church; this is why you see Carole and me at LifeSouce on Sundays.

That being said, I am still a pastor-at-large, a payer-of-missionaries, an officiant-at-weddings-and-funerals, a web publisher .... and this is the primary reason we are not pursuing membership at your church. Since all my time is spent on ministries outside of LifeSource, I cannot contribute as I feel a member should... and I do not see my circumstances changing anytime soon.

So, how do you get to my website? Click here! This will take you to the Monday Musings menu at Mainsail Ministries. The top article will always be the most recent. Now, these Monday Musings are primarily introductions to my main articles... so click the link at the bottom of the page to hop over to the main article. However, if you’d rather receive the text of both articles in a single email, contact me at and ask to join the Monday Musings mailing list.

I publish two articles per week: one is the Monday Musings and the other is usually a Q & A that I’ve been working on for Got Questions Ministries. Once a month I publish a devotional instead, and occasionally I post an article. Now, everybody is welcome to engage with my website! ... but not everybody will be happy when they do so.

You see, although I uphold the core beliefs of Christianity (click here to see my statement of beliefs), there’s a good chance that I’m going to walk all over your pet secondary doctrines! But take heart: where there’s no angst, there’s no growth. Besides, encouraging diversity within orthodoxy is a sign of a healthy church.

LifeSource has wonderful resources in pastors Walt and Dave. These should be your go-to guys for questions and/or for counseling. I’m available too. Just be aware that I have no CV (and do no counseling). What I have is fifty years' experience in thoughtful study while being actively engaged in the Christian faith — and I too would be happy to answer any questions you have about God, the Bible and the Christian culture. Email me or grab me at church.

Good talk! Hope to see you on Sundays soon.

Evan Plante