A teachable moment for an edgy message

Monday Musings for May 30, 2016

Good morning, Musers... and a happy Memorial Day to you!

Today I'll stand amid the dead of many wars and try to do honor to their memory... an irony for someone who walks recreationally in a cemetery every day. Have you ever wondered how many people have ever lived — most of whom now are dead? The Population Reference Bureau has 2011's number as 108 Billion! Now, I'm not weighing-in on those numbers, but as a person who has logged many contemplative hours in cemeteries, let me affirm this: we, the living, come and go... but the dead accumulate. That's the data. But where do they accumulate? That's one of the most important questions ever asked!

On this Memorial Day let me remind you that, although wars take many early, they take no more ultimately — because we are all casualties in the war against sin. But just as death-through-sin is universal, so is the availability of the fix — redemption in Jesus Christ. 

But the universal availability of redemption through Christ is only half the story: The fact that it is the only remedy is the other half... and that's today's devotional topic. Since Jesus was uniquely qualified to redeem us, he is the only viable option for salvation — and that's edgy news. Edgy? Do people hate anything more than our claim to salvific exclusivity? But that's what Peter preached... and I wouldn't want to put a stumbling-block in front of anyone... oh wait... yes I would.

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