Leaning against the gates of hell

Monday Musings for July 04, 2016

Happy Independence Day, Musers!

... and how appropriate — because if anything, I encourage independent thinking... but only as long as that thinking is not independent of God's revelations. You see, every issue in life must account for these three phenomena: the cosmos (which is in our face), human morality (which is behind our face), and the Bible (which is God's face). Most often, I'm encouraging you to engage the data and to stand alone against a hostile world. But today I'm encouraging you to stand alone even apart from your brethren if conscience demands it. So yes, today I am going out on that limb... and you may not want to come with me.

What's at issue? There are many habits and understandings that Christians absorb (sort of with their mother's milk) as they grow in the Christian community — but which have no necessary biblical warrant. The problem is that such prejudices can kill learning... and when necessary, they are tough to dislodge. So just be warned: you may be looking a few in the eye as we proceed.

Today's musing is a little different from my usual fare in another way: where I usually publish a Q & A or a devotional, this is a formal article. In fact, Blogos picked it up for publication. I'm surprised that they bit for it, though, because the purpose of the article is to criticize Christian methodologies (which is indeed part of my shtick) — but this is a God-fearing online publisher. So, although I've included the full text and documents below as usual, consider visiting the Blogos site (link below). Visits to their website will encourage them in the ministry.

One natural outfall of today's criticism is that I may be seen as supporting Lordship-salvation... but that's not true. I support barebones salvation as a technical truth. But since I find no non-Lord Jesus in the Bible, the Lord Jesus is the only Jesus anyone receives... and I argue with both feet (in my mouth) that savior-onliness is a methodological tragedy. You see, just because a person can be minimally saved (which is an extreme position) does not mean that we should sell this as mainstream. How is that not a bait-and-switch? Sure, Jesus will indeed save you with no strings attached, but it is not God's intention that you live your life without that cord... without that Lord

I repudiate the idea that this is Lordship-salvation. It's more of a get-your-head-on-straight-and live-a-congruent-Christian-life type of salvation. You see, congruency is not going out of your way to admit that Jesus is also your Lord... but only discretely so. It is acting-out your full-blown Christian ontology. What's wrong with that? What's wrong with being yourself... your whole self... a disciple, not a convert.

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