Does God have a soul?

Monday Musings for July 11, 2016

Good morning, Musers,

Today's question was kind of fun: Does God have a soul? And here, the process itself was instructive. You see, I was certain that I'd have to touch upon whether or not we humans are dichotomous (having a body and soul) or trichotomous (having a body, soul and spirit). But that wasn't necessary to get where I needed to go... and the place I needed to go was confusing enough. Why? because our God is indeed one God... but he is one God that exists in three persons, a trinity — and to that I say, good for him! But if God does indeed have a soul while being a trinity, does he have one soul or three... I mean, how does any of that work?

Unfortunately, the questioner did not qualify the question even one little bit... and that means that I have to qualify it every bit. In spite of that, the response was quite short... which was my second surprise for today. So, although I won't broach the juicy issue of dichotomy vs. trichotomy in this response, I pray that today's teaching scratches another itch.

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