One Man Breaks... One Man Fixes

Monday Musings for August 01, 2016

Good morning, Musers... and happy August!

We have a devotional today... about things that are broken... about things that are fixed... and about how all that happened with sin.

The Bible is very clear about this... and we have 100% empirical verification... everybody sins. But whose fault is it... because the Bible points at Adam pretty firmly... but a quick introspection shows that it must be our fault, too. What's more important, though, is whose fix is it? That's the real question for a sinner... because that's the core of the gospel. 

There is a sea of ideas out there, however... and the vast majority wrong. How can most be wrong? Because, among those who make contradictory claims (and I emphasize contradictory claims, not merely competing claims), logic dictates that one may be true... or that none may be true! But most importantly, more than one cannot be true at the same time... yet postmodernism or (ostensibly) "Eastern" thought will try to pitch that. So what is true? Let's look in the Bible.

You see, since it only took one man to break our fellowship with God, doesn't it make sense that one man might be adequate to repair it, too... and not an army... be they people or competing ideas? That's what Jesus did. He was a one-man army — so stay out of his way! That's my plea today.

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