Who is the true God?

Monday Musings for August 22, 2016

Good morning, Musers,

Who is the true God... that's what our questioner wants to know today.

As a general rule, the more qualified the question, the more concise the answer. But today's questioner gave me a minimum of qualification... and I have to give him back a decidedly non-concise answer. When a fellow asks, who is the true God, what does he mean by that? Is he a Muslim... ready to jump down my throat because of the Trinity? Or a Jehovah's Witness with his usual ax to grind? How about a student hoping I'll write his term paper (which I suspect happens more often than I know). But finally, how about an earnest seeker? No matter what the questioner's true situation, I must treat the question in earnest... so off we run.

Now, you try it... go ahead... define or describe the true God — but given no more parameters. What does the questioner even mean by true? Is he epistemologically postmodern? Because a lot of people claim to be... which is its own kind of a mess... unscrambling whether or not we can actually know anything —  let alone God! Does he take the Bible as authoritative? Since I don't know, I must touch on both natural and biblical theology instead of just the one I need.... and so on. But in spite of all that, I've nailed down the Creator of the universe in fewer than 2500 words... so maybe he's not so big after all! (Just kidding about the bigness... but not about the word count).

Here's the take-home: God is broad... and sometimes we can stop in Romans 1:18-25 and bask in his overt God-ness. But God is also narrow. His progressive revelation gradually adds to our knowledge of what a true God must be, and we — who have his completed word — can narrow the true God down to a single point. And if you don't have him right there, then you don't have the truest God you can have in this age. 

What this means is, it is quite probable in this age to have enough of a picture of God... but without having the best possible picture... so let me ask: Are you comfortable such a self-imposed limit when it comes to God? Me neither. With great information comes great responsibility! So enjoy the musing.

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