A Manager Laments

Monday Musings for August 29, 2016

Good morning, Musers,

As is my habit when the new month approaches we have a devotional today, and it's called A Manager's Lament. If you are now or ever have been, a boss, project manager or leader of any stripe, some aspects of this devotional should resonate with you.

I think, though, that everyone is a project manager on some level — even those of you who see yourselves only as the worker-bees. How about something as innocuous as grocery shopping? To get this done, you need to manage a calendar, your time, a meal plan, a shopping list, get gas for the car, be alert to pick up kids, etc. This kind of work requires high organizational skills (not to mention courage!) But what of self-management?

It is a joy to have a worker who is a self-starter — reliable and diligent... but are you that to God?... or do you "pass" on the hard jobs, complain about all jobs or are prone to calling in sick with imaginary sniffles? The Christian life is no walk in the park; it takes hard work.

I admire the goose in E.B. White's Charlotte's Web who responded to Wilber's comment about her 7 eggs, that 7 was a lucky number: "Luck has nothing to do with it! It was good management and hard work!" I applaud the sentiment… I mean…. that is my sound-bite! But I do so while chucking, because I think that Mr. Goose had something to do with this, too… and in no small part, God!... and that the number seven was more arbitrary than it was “managed”… yet we play along. (After all, the pig, the goose the spider… they’re talking… and we buy-in to that with no complaint.)

Talking animals notwithstanding, I discuss what it takes to be a good manager today... and you'd think that if you were managing one of God's projects, the very fact that he was behind you would mean clear skies ahead and clear sailing... but you'd be wrong. God promised to be with us on the voyage, but he did not promise clear skies... just ask Nehemiah. He was one of the Bible's greatest managers, and he was working one of God's highest-profile jobs... yet he was beset by problems on every side.

Now, it was apparent that God was with him, so how did he proceed? He used good management and hard work. Those never get old.

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