Why do we sin?

Monday Musings for November 14, 2016

Good morning, Musers,

Why do we sin? That’s today’s overarching question. Now, I won’t pretend to answer for you… but I sin because I want to — and with a small percentage of “passive” sin thrown in. I’m being honest here, not cavalier because sin is a serious business for everyone. But it’s really serious business for beings who know better — like you, me and the angels.

Of all who know better, however, Satan knows better best. What other conclusions could you draw about the best and brightest of the angels… a being who beheld God directly — a being who beholds God without the filter of faith?

Now, I like my faith. That’s what connects me to God. But that same faith obscures my view of God — and this by design (1 Corinthians 13:12) … but that has never been true of the angels. Spirit knows Spirit.

So, yes, angels and humans are different… except in one critical area: we both possess free-will — and this is the definitive for personhood. But such volition comes with a price among us humans — we sin. But is this necessarily so? Can’t a human have the free will without also committing sins, even theoretically? No… Christ can, but not us… and in today’s answer I make a bold assertion about the necessity of sin:

“We sin because sin is the proof of free-will, and creation is absurd without either. That statement takes a while to digest, but it is the E = mc2 of my theological distinctives. You will see how everything points to this.” (Evan Plante)

Such an assertion will take a while to sort through, of course, because it is philosophical in nature… but so aren’t we. God created us humans with the capacity for abstract reasoning, with the capacity to discover him while we discover ourselves — and with the drive to do so. We are much more than just machines which find themselves propagating DNA — but who only have the illusion of being persons… but Materialist Reductionists believe just that (and they say we have faith!)

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