Eternal security versus a bad blog

Monday Musings for January 23, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

Today’s question is from a new believer who is troubled by a website she found that says you can lose your salvation. This demonstrates a unique problem of our age: anybody can say anything… and they can make that “anything” available to half the world in seconds. It’s discern-or-die out there — and never before has the rule “let the buyer beware” been so apt.

Before the internet age, the big task in doing research was finding enough resources, not deciding which to use… although discernment was still important. But discernment is a moot skill with an empty book bag — and today, no one has an empty book bag! But what are they full of? Anything and everything. So, where yesterday we searched, today we sift… and if you are new to something, your sieve will likely have big holes — as does today’s earnest seeker.

Unfortunately, I have to do one of those things that I hate to do to help this person — review fringe material on the web. I always feel like I’m wasting my time by reading fringe documents (as well as soiling my mind; you can’t un-read something). But that’s God’s assignment for this week… so I’m shutting up about that. I mention it to discourage you from visiting that website. A visit would only encourage them. Plus, there are no real arguments to engage in.

It is our questioner’s angst, however, that demonstrates why so many people do not subscribe to eternal security: they are insecure as persons, and they feel unworthy of unconditional love… well… join the club! But a person like today’s seeker who occupies only the edges of salvific knowledge is setting herself up to lose confidence in it. This is why my usual tack is not to teach about eternal security per se… although I also do that… but I’d rather saturate the reader with knowledge of salvation itself. I feel that if we fill the barrel with the right stuff, there will be no room for the wrong stuff… but this will take some time and effort.

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