Why choose the biblical God?

Monday Musings for February 20, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

In a world chock-full of gods, why choose ours — the biblical God. That’s what today’s questioner wants to know. In fact, he posits that Zeus and Ra might be good candidates to run the universe — his assumption being that they are in some way equal candidates with God. But why stop at Zeus or Ra? There are many Gods from which to choose… thousands! Yet I find myself doing a funny thing today. I’ve ranked pagans above the Naturalist Materialists. Pagans are at least theists, so they satisfy a portion of Romans 1:18-25.

By way of comparison, the Naturalist Materialists take a stand against the best explanation for empirical evidence in the physical world. Now, when a group’s protocols say that they cannot consider any data that militates against naturalism, that same group has lost the right to say that they are making an objective examination of the data… which is supposedly their stock-in-trade.

What we have then, is the naturalistic scientific community using the just-look-around methodology prescribed by God in Romans, but then they make a philosophical rather than a scientific decision to ignore the purpose of the exercise. This makes sense for an atheist. After all, if there is no God, then there is no purpose… or perhaps more poignantly… there is no accounting to the One who purposes (Luke 19:11-26).

But that’s a special kind of hubris — using God’s stuff without saying thanks. But it gets worse: they can’t even look in the God-box. Their methodological rules assume that matter is eternal (in spite of scientific consensus that the universe began), or that it came into existence uncaused and out of nothing (… and they claim to eschew metaphysics!) But now — and even after being forced into accepting a transcendent cause of the universe — they stammer to a stop before hitting God! The “cause” of the universe is sufficient, they say… we give up… but this cause is not a person.

How would you like to be gifted enough to pursue a PhD-level career, be forced into a corner where a transcendent creator is indicated… but stop short of God… and then face judgment? Who’s better off? The pagan who at least assents to God’s existence through the testimony in creation? Or a Ph.D. who has to perform his experiments wearing lab-issued no-intelligent-design-allowed colored sunglasses, because the lab rules say that any appearance of design must be treated as an artifact… not a fact fact… and we can’t let this omnipresent illumination affect our analysis? How can any examination of any data be considered objective when there is a previous commitment to the Darwinian position that blind processes are sufficient to do the job?

But the Natural Materialists are atheists — and they are not really in view today except to mark the limits of the discussion. When it comes to theism, we do have a dog in the fight — and the smart money is on the Bible’s God. I give just four reasons why he is better than Zeus or Ra… which seems paltry when our God is all-powerful, all-knowing, self-existent and transcendent — things no pretender-gods even profess to be. But I had to stop somewhere…. because this can seem like I’m punching a god when he’s down… but I can’t help myself.

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