Can physical objects be possessed?

Monday Musings for April 17, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

Today’s questioner is from Oceania — the global antipode to my Central New England home. My antipode is where, if I tunneled all the way through the earth, that’s where I’d come up… and man… I’d be taking a big drink! You see, I’d be under the Indian Ocean! I’d come up to the west of Australia… but lower… towards Antarctica. So, if today’s questioner tried to travel any further away from me…  she’d actually be heading closer. That’s how globes work!

I bring this up to highlight the power of the internet — and the unique ministry opportunities it provides. But its downside is equally as powerful because we can spread misinformation around the world in an eyeblink, too. “Tech” has worked that way throughout human history. God set things up so that we would advance technologically and accrue certain benefits to humankind. But in a world of sin, this will always be two-edged… since it is the heart of human beings that determines how these advances will be used.

I’d hate to have to choose between the internet and the printing press to assess which brought humankind further from its previous state. But the search capabilities of the modern media gives it its edge. You type a few words and you to have millions of options… in milliseconds! I’ve used this power to respond to people on every continent (except Antarctica) many times over now, and I’m prepared to say that people ask many of the same core questions — just with different details (and diction) … but I’ve never run into today’s question head-on: can non-living objects be possessed?

That’s a wise question from this new believer who wants to be careful about what she brings into her house… and from the hip, the answer seems to be yes… so be careful. But why is that? Not because the Bible teaches it. But rather, because many people testify to a “phenomenon” where the spiritual tone of their lives changed with the addition or the subtraction of certain objects.

Perhaps this is one of those internet-related problems where people encourage each other in their co-wrongness nearly instantly, allowing wrong ideas to be held en masse. Nevertheless, the phenomenon is telling. In spite of the efforts of Richard Dawkins and his ilk, the world is predominately a spiritually-aware place… and materialist atheism is a strained minority belief.

This doesn’t mean the world understands the spiritual realm correctly… but it does weigh-in as a “yes” to the question, is the Bible correct in teaching that a spiritual world exists… and in apologetics, you learn to take the victories incrementally.

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