Monday Musings for May 01, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

When my spiritual father and great Christian mentor, the late Mitchell G. Chakour, began teaching me some of the technical constructs that stood behind salvation, he warned me that unpacking all of them would take quite a while. You see, in spite of salvation being simplicity itself, its workings are complex… and bloody to boot! He was right, of course — and looking into “the factory” is always an eye-opener.

Today’s devotional thought is about reconciliation… which is one of the darker pieces-parts that underpin salvation. What does it mean that we are reconciled to God through Jesus Christ? Where does this fall in salvation’s factory-assembly-line of fulfilled types, atonement, Lordship, the new creation… and all that? This is the beauty of studying godly topics: That which is simple to apply (say yes to the Holy Spirit) can take a lifetime to explore… although I’ll only take a fraction of yours today. But reconciliation is fascinating none the less.

I like focusing on the positive aspects Christ, too (reconciliation is all about sin — a negative part) — and I particularly appreciate the fact that we saved people have become new creatures (2 Corinthians 5:17). But know this well about creaturehood: the old creature was reconciled to God… not the new creature… and there’s a glimpse into the sausage factory. Jesus brought the “old man” to the Father, plunked him down on the table of judgment and said, “This one is mine. What’s the price?” “Same as always…” said the Father… and Jesus knew he had to die.

That’s the thing about Christianity; we may be all sparkly and new now… but what we have become is not what we were… and it was not what Jesus died for. He died for old creatures… and he plunked us down before the Father like winos out of the police wagon — confused even at our processing. It’s always good to remember where we came from — and reconciliation can do that for us. Sure, it brings us back to the sausage factory — miles away from the meat counter. But it tells an important story: before we could enjoy the new life in Christ, someone had to reconcile our old creature to God. Thank God for Jesus. Enjoy the musing.

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