Monday Musings for May 08, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

I am going to leave the ranch a bit today — so be warned: I need to discuss the gender of the soul… or more broadly… the gender of non-corporeal beings. This used to be an abstruse point only discussed in the rarefied halls of theology, anthropology and angelology. But one day I turned around… and selecting one’s gender-identity was not just a protected right, but it was common in jurisdictions across the nation to revisit their restroom regulations because of it.

What does that have to do with souls… or whether or not angels have a gender? Well… nothing really… not in practicable terms; our Constitution has been interpreted to protect an individual’s “choice” in this matter… but here’s the interesting part. Not many years ago, it was a properly basic understanding that your gender was a non-negotiable part of your being — and that people who acted as though it were indeed an option were marginalized. Where are we today? It would be difficult to be elected to an important office in the United States without bowing to gender choice.

This should come as no surprise. Democracies pull society toward the middle… which is always away from the perfect law of God. God knows that. He also knows that our choices will eclipse what Scripture or philosophy might interpret as properly basic truths — and we will live with the consequences until Jesus returns. But there is one wall that I feel we must defend — and that is when people try to reach into the Bible or into nature to “prove” that gender is arbitrary. That’s what’s up today.

Frankly, I do not know why someone would want to fight that philosophical battle when the practical battle has already been won. If a person can play-out their choice of gender during their lives here on earth, who really cares whether or not our souls are the entities that carry gender? For one thing, there is no consensus even among Christians and philosophers on this… so don’t expect a slam-dunk result. And for another thing, the increasingly popular idea of materialist atheism doesn’t even have room for a mind — let alone a soul! If you’re going to mess with God, why not join with them? You’d be in some esteemed company!

Another contemporary development that has inserted confusion into our everyday concept of being is the avatar. We are now used to hiding behind beings of our own invention… and beings of our own invention can have any gender, all genders… or no gender… and can still live a fulfilling electronic life. Now, I am not saying that an avatar is the equivalent of a human soul. But I am saying that our God-given propensity for thinking outside the box — when coupled with sin — has put us outside of the box.

What’s at stake is that some people assert that if spiritual beings or disembodied souls are genderless, then gender is not intrinsic to a being. And if gender is not intrinsic to the non-corporeal being, then it is a physical characteristic… an add-on… which would be comparatively arbitrary. Again, what’s the big deal? In a world where the nose that God assigned you is considered arbitrary, you can get a nose job; while not many years ago, the idea that God assigned physical features to individuals was a properly basic assumption about life. But the procedures that we developed to enhance our health have morphed into tools for vanity… and there are no surprises there.

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