Monday Musings for May 29, 2017

Good morning, Musers — and happy Memorial Day!

My wife and I traditionally attend one of the Memorial Day programs in our city. Ours is the earliest, so it is somewhat understated… and I think this is appropriate. Now that Thanksgiving has been sucked into the Black Friday vortex, Memorial Day is arguably the one pure holiday that America has left.

We Americans are victims of our own success. We protect our ideas with great vigor… but perhaps we do so at the cost of our decorum. People in other countries have this caricature of Americans as being loud and personally aggressive… and this is not without foundation. But men like myself wince when one of our Foghorn Leghorns takes center stage — because that really does not represent all of us. But our current world, with its instant and constant communicative buzz, can no longer host a qualitative debate. As such, true statespersons will have fewer and fewer chances to govern…. and if you think that I am overstating things, look around (… and look up while you’re at it).

But Memorial Day is about looking back. It’s about remembering the sacrifices of those who have gone before us… and I do not think that there is an agenda here; looking back with somber gratefulness is simply the right thing to do. Jesus asked us to do a similar thing when he instituted the Lord’s Supper. He wanted us to remember his sacrifice until he returns. Now, various Christians may remember his death differently… but we all do this… and it is a big deal. This is why I believe that rewriting history is a sin. It is disrespectful of the truth; objective truth does indeed exist — and it all belongs to God.

Moses had two siblings who broke decorum, too. Aaron and Miriam spoke against their brother — and they angered the Lord with that impertinence. What was up with them? In my opinion, they were trying to elbow their way into a position that did not belong to them. Moses was God’s man. He didn’t need other people or additional people in that position.

Both Aaron and Miriam were leaders, but the problem with being so near the top in Israel is like being near the top anywhere: there are no (or few) opportunities for advancement. Many of us think that this was Satan’s problem, too — that he had nowhere to climb… and that when you can’t go up, the only action that feels like self-advancement is rebellion. But God hates that stuff!

Now, don’t get me wrong: God does not want sycophants or minions. He wants people to want him — but as a priority. However, the price of free will is that some people will use their elbows instead of their knees to get where they want to go… and God gave Miriam leprosy for doing just that.

What will happen to a nation that forgets its place? What will happen to a nation that has forgotten its history? What will happen to a nation that has forgotten its history on purpose? What will happen is what is happening.

Happy Memorial Day. Enjoy the musing.

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