Monday Musings for June 19, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

What you think about God in relation to time can keep you out of a lot of trouble… or get you into extra trouble… as is the case with today’s questioner. So let me ask you, before creation (and this is causally before, not temporally before) did time even exist? … and if so, did God always coexist with it? That’s one theory… but the Bible doesn’t weigh-in here. Or do you think that God existed outside of time — and that he created time when he created everything else?

I like door number 2 on this one. Since the Bible doesn’t really say, and since the best cosmological models have all phenomena coming into existence at the same time, I believe that God transcends time no matter what else happens… and that something did happen. He created the cosmos! And this includes time. So, in order to maintain his omnipresence, God became omnitemporal when time came into existence — and if you want, you could view that as a special case of his omnipresence.

So, here’s my view on God and time: First and foremost, God transcends time. Before creation, God had no relationship to physical things including time; he “just” existed. But after God created all physical phenomena, he had to form a new relationship to everything including time. God is omnipresent in and out of creation, and where time exists, God is omnitemporal. The outfall of this is critical, though: God exists in all places and at all times at the same time. When we combine this with his ongoing transcendence, the creation placed no limits on him… not until creation day six, anyway… when he limited himself by creating us.

Yes… I said limited. Even God can’t do non-God stuff — like make a rock so big that he can’t move it — and free-will comes with the same kind of restriction. God can’t create volitional creatures with predetermined outcomes. That is not compatible with free-will, because that would undo the volitional part of creaturehood… and the fact that millions of his creatures have thumbed their noses at him proves the point.

How does all that jive with what the Bible says about God predestinating — even before the earth was created? You’ll have to stay tuned for that. But today’s seeker asked an amazing question… I mean… who wants to wrestle with God’s sovereignty and his wrath versus his election! But if he had a picture of how God can do all his work at the same time — but also, how that won’t violate what we must do in our time — he probably would have saved himself some theological grief… although not the experience of working through some really neat ideas.

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