Monday Musings for June 26, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

I have a devotional thought for today. It’s about shaping up… spiritually, that is… and here’s what I’m thinking. Instead of aligning with this church and that — trying to get the most precise picture of biblical doctrines — why not cut out the middlemen and conform to Christ himself?

The Apostle Paul wanted to do just that; he wanted to fill every contour in the mold that Christ had cast by his life and his death. But the problems would be the same as if someone were trying to do that in real life: since we are not all the same shape, some parts of the mold would not be filled and some would dig into us. Conforming to Christ will likewise hurt… because we are not shaped like Christ’s suffering and death… but we would probably fit comfortably in his person and his resurrection.

But, Jesus was a package… and today I’ve identified four distinct yet inseparable aspects of the Christ. The idea here is for us to be that package, too. That’s tough to pull off. But if you get a handle on just how low Jesus had to go to accomplish the salvation of human beings, you will probably conclude that it was even tougher for him… sweating blood tough!

Enjoy the musing.

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