Monday Musings for July 24, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

I have something a little different today. It’s a rant… but from a believer! Today questioner doesn’t even believe that the Bible is sensible, let alone inerrant… and man, did he let it fly! I left his rant intact, so, if you do nothing else today, please read that for its entertainment value. Just be warned that he mocks the Scripture… and this can hurt you if you don’t use your filters. Remember, you don’t have to “own” foolish words… even from the mouth of a brother.

But this brings up a serious issue. Our challenger convinced me that he’s saved… but how did he arrive at saving faith without the Bible? That would be a really long walk through the woods and fields of Romans 1:18-25 (although I believe God would work it out for the earnest seeker). But today’s questioner is awash in Scripture and in the Christian culture… so he’s way beyond God’s mere revelation through creation. Yet he’s made an “informed” choice to reject the Bible. (Go figure.)

But he does have faith in an “alternative” revelation of Jesus Christ… and so much so that he feels he doesn’t need the Scripture: the Shroud of Turin. Now, I’ll not discuss the Shroud in this piece. Instead, I highlighted the process that brought the teachings of Jesus Christ from his lips to our Bibles… and that’s a journey worth reviewing.

This is the same process I use when answering a non-believer’s dismissive attitude towards the Bible. I usually mention the documents, the scholastic credibility through the ages, the preservation of God’s intended information in transmission… and all that… but I shake my head every time I do this. How does a skeptic look at two thousand years of careful scholarship — with the Bible being vetted by the brightest minds in their generation (who reach continual consensuses that the Bible is reliable) — but then say that all those scholars are wrong… and I’m the only guy who got it right!

Now, that’s brass from an unbeliever! … and I just don’t know what to make of it from a believer. But I usually hear back from these types of questioners, so maybe I’ll have more to report down the road. And since today’s seeker dismissed the Bible, I too went extra-biblical. For added value, I consulted an alternative goatherd to the likes of Abraham, Moses and David to round out today’s discussion.

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