Monday Musings for September 25, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

We’ll pop into October this week, so I have a devotional thought rather than my usual Q & A today… and it has to do with law and justice — which are big things to be sure… but we take care of the big by tending to the small… like playing fair in business, which is an issue in today’s scripture. You see, everything we do here on earth — both the big and the small — impact eternity elsewhere. This idea is important to me… because I’m a guy who does not take a harps-and-clouds view of heaven.

Instead, I view the eschaton more like a perfect workplace — not a freedom-from-work place — and I see my current life more as a school than as a testing ground. In fact, I view life as a lab course at the University of the Kingdom of God — and the main reason that I don’t believe the eschaton will be all harps-and-clouds-and-bliss is that I couldn’t enjoy that without a lobotomy… and I don’t think we are going to be changed quite in that way.

First of all, we were made in God’s image… and he’s not a God of passive bliss. He’s a Creator-God, a Sustainer-God… a being-involved-with-people-God! We have these attributes, too, and we apply them right here on this earth. You see, God built us to engage in meaningful work. As such, he has supplied us with intelligence and cooperative natures. It has long been my thesis that just has he equipped us to engage with this old creation, so he will equip us to engage his new creation… but this time, without sin.

I have no difficulty seeing a far future where we continue to work, learn and grow. (Remember, Adam engaged in work before the fall.) And as to our trials, I don’t think God is wasting them. Sure, these test our obedience and our patience with his plans. But they also hone our skills. By the time we receive our resurrection bodies, we should be experienced in both war and work. So ask yourself, what have we been practicing for?

Jesus taught stewardship, not harps-and-clouds-ship. Those who do well with little would be in charge of much, he said… and what would that even mean under a harps-and-clouds paradigm? So, since stewardship is the expectation for the Kingdom of God, it’s reasonable to assume that Jesus will put us in charge of much when he returns. This is why it’s important for us to be diligent about today’s tasks… like obeying the law ourselves… and like praying for God to deal with law-breakers in his time and in his ways.

The thing about the law is it’s a package deal. If we want law and justice, we must be prepared to monitor people, judge their behavior and punish the miscreants… and this is not cheap. We do this imperfectly, of course — and sometimes we’d love God to intervene! But our experience tells us that mostly, he doesn’t… not in that lightning-bolt kind of way.

But, you know the old saying about God’s mill… how it grinds exceedingly fine? Well, it does…but it’s also slow and mostly hidden. Yet, its flour can praise the Bread of Heaven… or be sacrificed to idols… or be withheld for evil gain. Life is indeed that mill.

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