Monday Musings for October 30, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

I have a devotional thought today… and it’s about the person of Jesus Christ. I emphasized the word “person” because I want to differentiate the person of Jesus Christ from the mere ideas about him… which are many… and many of which are incorrect. So, today’s take-home is that Christianity is not a philosophy or a strategy. It’s a vehicle for salvation. And believe me, you want to board the Jesus train.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about what I’m saying by emphasizing his person…. because Jesus had some good ideas too. “Love your neighbor as yourself” comes to mind as one that could stand alone. But Jesus did not put an idea on the cross… he put his body on the cross — and bled and died upon that tree. But the fact that he did this personally for you and for me is what’s different about Christianity. We have more than the idea of Christ. We have the Christ himself… and no one else does.

Why am I sure that Jesus is the real deal? The Bible tells me so! … but so does history… and the historical consensus is that Jesus Christ was a real person who lived largely as the Bible described him about 2000 years ago… and we know that! But there is a more immanent consensus. Even skeptics don’t deny that Jesus’ followers at least believed that he rose from the dead… and that under that belief, they changed the world in his name.

But the testimony from Peter is the key to understanding the Jesus phenomenon. We follow a person… not cunningly devised strategies… and there are plenty of those to choose from in this world. But Jesus Christ was the real deal — both in secular and in salvific history — and this makes all the difference.

Very early in my career, a great Christian mentor taught me the importance of having the real Savior as opposed to having a merely academic one. In fact, he taught me that if I would materialize the Christ — that is, make him as real as I could in my midst — that would help me in my Christian walk.

Most Christians understand that Holy Spirit (and not Jesus per se) is our “helper” in this age (John 14:16) … and it will remain that way until Jesus comes back. But that shouldn’t stop us from invoking Jesus himself… or the Father himself… as the moment requires. So, when I am at a crossroads — perhaps choosing a path through the gray areas of sin — I imagine Jesus physically in front of me. Then, the options look clearer and I grow more courageous. But settling on a mere idea falls flat by comparison.

Jesus Christ, our Savior, is the real deal… and that makes all the difference. So, accept no substitutes… and enjoy the musing.

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