Monday Musings for November 13, 2017

Good morning, Musers,

Today’s question has apologetics value on three fronts. First, it’s a great example of “strawmanning” an argument — that is, sliding in a false premise designed to weaken your opponent’s argument… all the while hoping no one will notice. Second, this earnest seeker might not realize he’s a pantheist… which is a distinct possibility according to his questioning. Third, he offered up the no-punishment-paradigm as a model for God and the universe… and this has its own set of problems.

You see, if God doesn’t punish anyone, then everyone winds up in heaven. This is called “universal salvation” … and the Bible will have none of that. But this also makes free will moot… and I will have none of that! But perhaps what’s most damaging about this is the way it impacts real life. We are bringing up a generation that can’t deal with disappointment… let alone discipline! … and that doesn’t bode well for our nation. What will happen when there are no adults left to stand in the gap?

The real issue here is maturity (or its lack) because one of the more important jobs for an adult is to be a buzz-kill when buzz-killing is needed. Now, I understand that God’s love can be intoxicating. But when someone redefines it to be mutually exclusive with justice or punishment, then they are not high on God… they are sniffing sociological glue.

Here’s the thing: I need God to be an adult… just like our kids need us to be adults… just like our country needs its citizens to be adults… because love without correction is not love. It is indulgence — and sure… a little is fine. But that should be an exception in life… not the rule of life. The rule of life is to work hard, to do right and to take correction when it comes.

Salvation is the ultimate correction, and redemption through Jesus Christ is the process of that correction. This means that people who dismiss sin categorically are lost categorically — and our nation’s post-truth mindset will be its destruction!

But take heart. It’s never too late for people to grow up. Acting like an adult is a choice... and Peter Pan is fiction.

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