Monday Musings for January 29, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

We have lost the capacity for rational discourse in the politically-correct tinderbox that is now America. We have become a people of polemics who demand 100% conformity with our stands… and who label people as “haters” who wish to moderate the discussion.

These screaming matches may make good news clips, but they do not reflect true passion. If it were passion it would have its place… but this is immaturity… and I am looking for a few adults to run the country (… if anyone is interested).

It works that way in churches, too. People dig themselves in on certain issues… but then are too embarrassed to dig themselves out — so they don’t... and the analogy continues: we call these “entrenched positions.”

People forsake the assembling of themselves together for any number of reasons. But one of them is, when we are identified with a church, we are under pressure to represent that church — the Body Christ… and there’s some real pressure there.

Then, we must keep up with the yard… be pleasant in stores… can’t be overheard yelling at the kids… the list goes on. But why the extra care? People are on a continual hypocrite hunt. They may not be able to articulate why they are unbelievers, but we justify their unbelief every time we fail at their version of perfection… and I discuss this conundrum in today’s devotional.

Maintaining a “pattern of good works” may not win the hypocrite-hunters to Christ. But it can remove some of the reasons they have for dismissing him… and in a world where people line up on either side of an issue to yell at each other, this is more important than ever.

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