Monday Musings for February 05, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

Today’s questioner wants to know if Christians actually have free will — but given that our names are already written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Doesn’t that lock us in? … and isn’t being locked-in the antithesis to having free will?

Well, you know me… I love to talk about free will. But this time, I do it without even mentioning the physicalists whose worldview won’t allow anything that even smells like free will. This time it’s just us and God. So, how does that work, anyway? If my name was written down before the foundations of the world — and I wanted out — wouldn’t it violate my free will if I were “stuck” going to heaven?

I take a walk through God’s middle knowledge today, so this will be a good chance to revisit some difficult material. Remember, God does not deal with time like we deal with time, so concepts like election, foreordination, predestination — and more generally, even the concepts of before and after — might not mean what they seem to mean on the surface.

If God created us with free will (and this is my stand) then God’s sovereignty must allow for it… definitively. Remember, God can’t do anything that is contrary to his nature, so even his sovereignty doesn’t give him enough juice to force a free soul to be redeemed if the free soul doesn’t want to be. That would violate our design specs as volitional creatures… as well as the logic… and performing anything illogical — like creating deterministic freedom — would violate his nature.

Now, I consider God’s sovereignty to be absolute. But like everything else in the universe, I see it residing within the restrictions of his nature. God’s will is not flinty… and the flintier edges of Calvinism are chipped away by my insistence that libertarian free will doesn’t just apply to the human soul. It is the soul of creation itself.

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