Monday Musings for February 19, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

I woke up last Wednesday (02/15/18) to the horrific news that we had another school shooting — this time in Parkland, Florida. I have grandchildren who are still in school, and it’s not hard for me to imagine that these tragic events — these things that happen to other people — could happen at our school… and I’d be among the grieving families. So, join me in praying for those families in their time of unspeakable grief.

Many of you know that I volunteer as a question responder at Got Questions Ministries. There are about 250 of us who do this job, and each of us has our own submission parameters… like the types of questions we’ll field, the frequency, days of the week, etc.… and the editors are very good at honoring those.

But they sent me a question on Wednesday — which was one of my days off — and I was going to send it back. But the topic was germane. It was about the misappropriation of morality — and that’s the core problem when we discuss things like these shootings… because who says that killing is wrong? We’d better establish that before we speak of morality.

A believer wanted to know how atheists dare appeal to morality since morality can only come from God… and you can see how this will be critically related to the shooting. We have laws… and the shooter broke them. But whose laws did he break? Ours or Gods?

This is a pickle for law-abiding atheists. Most people — including atheists — want to live in a lawful society. But who or what is the primary source of law? It’s God!

Now, an atheist can’t agree with this, but here’s the deal about the law: there is either a transcendent law and an objective right-or-wrong… or else people are just making stuff up! And when people realize that they can just make laws up and get away with it, they do things like remove the Ten Commandments from courthouse walls.

When we humans write new laws that have the effect of countermanding God’s laws, we must prepare to reap the whirlwind. In a representative government like ours, it only takes a few of us to make the laws for the rest of us… and we know how a few “elite thinkers” can affect a pliable society.  

Now, you wouldn’t think that all this could happen in a country that has every advantage, but I see a time coming when it will be legal to kill schoolchildren in America… I mean… it’s just a matter of degrees. We’ve already decided at what ages we can kill preborn children… and that was our idea, not God’s. All we have to do is keep moving the date forward through the teen years — and yes — without God, it’s just that arbitrary.

If you think I’m overstating the case, look around and ask yourself, how did we get here… and is here any different than Parkland except by degrees? Without a return to the transcendent law of God and objective right-or-wrong, it won’t matter at what age we kill our children. Someone will choose for us, and we will follow.

“‘Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the Lord.” (Leviticus 18:21, NIV)

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