Monday Musings for February 26, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

Since we are sneaking up on March, I have a devotional thought today. It’s about opportunities lost. Just as Esau despised his birthright, so do we… and just as his decisions affected his progeny, so can ours.

Fortunately for us believers, we live in the Age of Grace where our trespasses cannot condemn us (Romans 8:1). But this comes with responsibility. God used Esau to make a point in his word. Our job is to learn from this… and to become better disciples every day. Big things are at stake! The messianic refrain was supposed to be Abraham, Isaac and Esau — not Jacob — but look at what happened: Jacob won… but Jacob was no prize.

The take-home here is that God established the genetic line of faith in a way that shows life as messy, variable… and anything but deterministic. So, as believers (who are volitional beings) we should up our game… but we should up it in the important area of attitude. That’s today’s lesson.

Although Jacob and his mother lied, cheated and stole to secure Isaac’s blessing, this shows that they wanted it. In fact, the story shows that they would have done about anything to obtain it! But the fact that God didn’t reject them for their duplicity shows us that their desire was more important to him than life’s messy details. I think their efforts honored him… even with all the sin around them.

By way of contrast, Esau’s selling of his birthright showed how little he valued it… and we’re talking bowl-of-soup-little. How could that not insult God? And although Esau and Isaac were the victims of Jacob’s ruse, their innocence did not win the day. The day belongs to the bold… a characteristic passed down to today’s nation of Israel.

Sometimes God wants attitude… the right kind, though… and sometimes he ignores the messes that stop us humans cold. That’s part of what makes God God. He knows his objectives… and he knows how people work… and he knows what to punish and what to reward. Jacob won the day and Esau blew it. They were a mess… we are a mess… God is glorified.

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