Monday Musings for March 12, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

Are any of you flat-earthers? I hope not… although I defend your right to believe such things! The thing I cannot do, however, is keep belief in a flat earth from traveling to the fringes of reasonable discussion. It just goes there by itself. Now, if the idea were scientifically viable — and therefore lively — it would remain in the mainstream… and no one could force it to the fringes.

It works that way with belief in God, too. Now, it’s no secret that the world’s free countries are becoming more secular… and that God’s popularity is taking a beating as we become more “enlightened.” But we are a long way from saying that God has been relegated to the fringes. Why’s that? He just won’t go.

That’s the dream of post-theism, though… that God will be removed from the main discussion to the fringes. But are we there yet? Of course not! … but are we heading there? You bet! … but will we ever arrive there? I say no. As long as there are people, God will continue to draw them (John 6:44)… and it’s people who keep things alive, not the elite thinkers or governments of the world.

Today’s questioner is a young woman from Europe who wants to know about post-theism. She wasn’t any more specific than that… although she identified as having no religion. But some questions naturally floated to the top like how is post-theism different from plain old atheism… or nontheism… or antitheism? What’s with the new term?

Join me as I explore post-theism. Is it true of us? …. or more importantly… can it be true of us?

Also, since we have a young woman exploring the existence of God, pray that she will be an earnest seeker of truth. God loves those. I’ve invited her to examine my article An Alternative to Death… so, we’ll see where that goes.

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