Monday Musings for March 19, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

Over a half-century ago, a friend of mine who was an accomplished track and field athlete talked me into setting up a pole-vaulting area in my yard. We had none of the proper equipment, of course, and we ended up running across my yard holding these ludicrously heavy poles (which were really small trees) because we did not want them to snap as we jumped. We got up to about 12 feet… and then just crashed onto the hard ground. It was great fun.

This illustrates a useful technique for Bible study… but it’s one that has its limits. It is okay to take leaps of logic — using truth as a platform to launch to another area — but it is not okay to isolate the data and make conclusions. Without the whole counsel of Scripture, exegesis is fraudulent… and we have a taste of that today.

Today’s seeker is trying a few ideas out — and I don’t sense any malice. But he used a false premise to produce a false dilemma… and I couldn’t let it stand. So, today’s offering is more logic-centric than Bible-centric… although it does make us think about the implications of what a “being” might be. The Bible shows that there is more than one type of being — and this has a certain outfall, whereas materialism holds that there are only physical beings — and has a different outfall.

But today’s lessons apply more to communications than to whether or not there are extra-physical beings. I work under the premise that God wants to communicate with us. And our understanding of how he does this puts pressure on our hermeneutics. Is it ever okay to just leap around the Bible to prove stuff? No? Then is it okay to rely on an interpretive template so much that you ignore the data that argues against it? Also no.

These are larger questions that today’s missive evokes, so join me as we reach new heights — even greater than twelve feet … and enjoy the musing.

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