Monday Musings for April 02, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

Have you ever had one of those “frank exchanges of ideas” with your kids that ended with the phrase, “I didn’t ask to be born!” What’s funny about that is they are right. They didn’t ask to be born… yet… there they are… yelling at you!

Existence is a brute fact… while any discussion about it is after the fact. So, what’s going to happen in heaven with the unregenerate? Are they going to approach God with, “We didn’t ask to be born… so you have no right to act on us negatively for eternity!”

Many of the people who are knowledgeable atheists are atheists for this reason. They refuse to subscribe to a God who would punish people forever… and many will confess with me that they resist teaching that part of Christianity. But I also hate waffling on free will… and the risk of eternal damnation is a requirement for true volition. So, since you can’t have one without the other, let me announce to you that I subscribe to everlasting consequences of the biblical kind.

In this venue, we frequently discuss some of the relief-valve responses to eternal suffering like the idea that the sincerity of one’s belief is the ticket to heaven… or that salvation is universal… or that those who don’t come to God are annihilated… but these have no scriptural warrant.

However, there is another (less well-known) idea that can be seen as opposing everlasting suffering; it’s called antinatalism… and if you have never heard of this, its definition is in the word. Antinatalists ascribe a negative value to being born. So to them, having children is immoral while not having them is moral… and it gets better.

Have you ever heard of the organization VHEMT (pronounced vehement)? Me neither… (guess I was busy that week) … but this is the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement — and no — I’m not kidding… but nor am I making fun. You’ve heard me say any number of times that ideas have consequences. Well, this is a logical consequence of antinatalism… as are stands for abortion and against human-exceptionalism.

Now, if the physical universe were all that there is, I’d take a hard look at this philosophy… because without an end-game, it does look like we humans are wrecking the world. But because I believe in God and his program (and the sinfulness of humankind!), I see us subduing the world according to his instructions… but imperfectly… and I also see where he has declared that the physical world as we know it will not continue forever… and this makes all the difference. Without belief in God and his program, it appears that the world is heading towards a purposeless end.

Today’s earnest seeker was wondering if the antinatalists have it right. Since God will indeed punish the non-regenerate, wouldn’t it be better if we had never been born? Wouldn’t it make more sense to avoid the risk… rather than that risk be hell?

That’s a great question! So, join me as I explore… and enjoy the musing.

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