Monday Musings for May 07, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

“…. break up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the Lord ….” (Hosea 10:12)

Whether or not you participate in agriculture, we are all farmers on some level… and in today’s devotional, we explore this a little. Much like the physical ground, our hearts need to be prepared so that we may receive God’s “seed.” Now, the harvest is not guaranteed, but we can optimize our chances for success. With a little work, we can be the sowers that reap one-hundred-fold.

How God works with us in agriculture is the perfect idiom for the spiritual life. Everything we need, God has given us. Yet, we — as Adam’s children — must continue to till the ground. If we don’t, the seed has little chance of germinating. Instead, it might just wash away… or burn in the sun… or get eaten by birds.

But, do you know what’s really important? This means that we are always only a few inches from success… yet we are loathe to do that most basic thing: scratch around a little and prepare our hearts for service. This is an area where Big Agra can’t help us. Monsanto won’t swoop in to till our kitchen gardens. We must do that ourselves.

Now, some people are nervous about “Big Agra” … but I’m not one of them. I see it as part of God’s plan for human flourishing in this age. And in like manner, some people are nervous about “Big Church.” But again, I’m not one of them. I see it as part of God’s plan for spiritual flourishing in this age. But God is acutely and continually interested in our personal gardens — our hearts. In fact, I believe that he is more interested in those than he is in the aggregate of megachurches. Let me take that even farther.

Although we should indeed seek fellowship, teaching and service in a local church, our involvement there may fool us into thinking that professionals are tending our spiritual lives adequately — and so much so that we need nothing else. That’s wrongheaded. Our pastors and their associates can only go so far… so we are never off the hook for cultivating our own spiritual lives… and breaking up ground that has gone fallow is part of that.

Fortunately, any time is the right time to seek the Lord. In like manner, anytime is the right time to enjoy this musing… so go ahead. Let’s break some ground together.

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