Monday Musings for June 18, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

Does God use the internet…  I mean… to administer good, not to look things up? Sure he does! And I won’t even bother asking if you think Satan uses it. But with good and evil shouting at each other across the electronic abyss, don’t they just cancel each other out?

No. Data doesn’t work that way. It rides on physical systems — the electronic waves of which could cancel each other under the right conditions — but the information itself is metaphysical.… transcendent, even. What this means is that good and evil can propagate independently of each other — no matter what the medium — and this small insight gave me the courage to begin this communications ministry in January of 2011.

Since then, I’ve posted about 560,000 words in 471 articles at the rate of one posting per week (hence Monday Musings). So, the site grows steadily, and it regularly has visitors from all around the world. I’d like you to meet one of those visitors today.

In 2011, Pastor Richard Marubi of Kenya had no internet access. Indeed… he had no electricity, let alone cable! So, with English as a second language — and by spending part of his scant wages from cutting wood — he rented computer time and began gathering materials that would help him better minister to the church he had founded.

Richard came across some of my articles, and he wrote to thank me and to tell me that they had helped him. So, we started a dialog… and then we established a spiritual umbilical between the USA and Kenya… and it went something like this:

They only had one Kisii language Bible… so, we fixed that… and they didn’t have any chairs… so, we fixed that… and they didn’t have electricity… so, we fixed that… and they didn’t have a maize mill… so, we fixed that… etc., etc.

Pastor Richard honored our connection by renaming his church the Omoringamu Mainsail Church… but there’s more. He has planted at least three churches in the region… and at least one of those seems to be spawning… so there are upwards of five churches using some variation on the Mainsail name. What’s my point? There are two.

First, no one knows the blessings or trials of what lies ahead, so just be faithful to the call. Second, even pastors have questions. So, although I usually field questions from people I don’t know, today’s is from the good people at UMC — and this speaks to their church’s vitality. A question came up during their church study time that they couldn’t resolve, so they dished it out to me! What was I going to say…. No?

Our Kenyan friends are questioning whether or not there’s a conflict between two passages that seem to be at odds about grace… and we can’t have that! So, today we’ll explore a little about God’s progressive revelation… and I may even challenge the order of the canon! (… not really, though).

But I will challenge the orientation of people when they read the Gospels. Should you read them from a New Testament perspective just because they live there? Come and see… and enjoy the musing.

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