Monday Musings for June 25, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

Since we pop into July this week, I have a devotional thought today instead of my usual question-and-answer… and we’ll be playing around in the book of Ezra… baiting God-haters everywhere! You see, when God is ostensibly cruel to women or children, the atheists jump all over that. But our libertarian free will demands that our actions reap their natural consequences. So, by and large, God does not intervein in our self-destruction.

But when God commits any of these (ostensive) offenses, atheists often respond by committing an offense of their own called the taxicab fallacy. This is where they give the Bible enough credence to complain about God’s actions in it… and this is okay under certain circumstances. But when they do that to prove that God doesn’t exist… well… sorry. They can’t have it both ways.

You see, God either exists or he does not… and there are no other options. Therefore, if God doesn’t exist, you can’t use “God’s word” to make conclusions about him. This is because, from an atheist’s point of view, the Bible is fraudulent… and by fraudulent, I mean that we say it’s God’s word and they say it’s not… so they are stuck in a logic trap.

Logic forbids any contender from traveling back and forth between two mutually exclusive points of view (as if they were in a taxicab) … so here’s the thing: if they take the stand that the Bible is not God’s word, then they can’t use it as if it were God’s word to argue against God’s existence. That’s an attempt at borrowing our capital… capital, they insist, that does not exist!

Atheists can get around this, though. They may legitimately ask how we believers square some of God’s actions in the Bible with some common notion of goodness or with others of his biblical speeches or actions. This is a call to congruency, which is legitimate. But we’re speaking to a generation where the notion of sin doesn’t play too well… and the Bible is all about sin and God’s remedy for it… and anyone who doesn’t understand sin and redemption will never “get” the Bible… let alone buy into today’s emotional can of worms.

By Ezra’s time, the Israelites had a long history of marrying into the pagan culture… and it finally got to them. They came under conviction to send away their wives and children — and that’s a horrible remedy for sin! But do you know what else was a horrible remedy for sin? Sending an innocent man to be crucified for the sins of others… and that’s how sin works. Nobody sins in a closet… even when it seems they are getting away with it.

So, what’s at issue? The Israelites had intermarried against God’s direct orders (which was not God’s fault) … and they integrated into the pagan culture (which was not God’s fault) … and they had children by these pagan women (which was not God’s fault) … and when God put the brakes on, today we yell, “It’s all God’s fault!”

The longer I live the more I realize that God is the only adult in the room.

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