Faith is anything but blind

Monday Musings for July 23, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

Let me apologize ahead of time for the length of today’s article… but it’s an article indeed rather than a Q & A. Skeptics often trivialize us for exercising "blind faith." But faith is anything but blind — and today, I make that case… but it will take a while.

Since faith requires an object to make any logical sense (you need something to have faith in), the more you know about the object, the greater your faith. But many people — and this, unfortunately, includes some Christians — aver that the less knowledge you have about something, the more faith you apply when subscribing to it.

I repudiate that. That’s gambling, not faith… and among Christians, this is a sign of anti-intellectualism… which I abhor.

God didn’t give us these big heads so we could stick them in the sand, moon the world and wait for Jesus to come back. He gave us these so we could figure things out… and he gave us a discoverable universe for the same reason. All creation — physical, metaphysical and spiritual — points to him… and all creatures are responsible to that light (Romans 1:18-20)… and every creature is responsible to their own nature (Romans 2:14-15).

Think of faith as a (Euclidian) vector for a moment. Blind faith travels away from knowledge. But, because it has no object, it travels in all directions! … and this speaks to that notion’s absurdity. But biblical faith — which is the equivalent of true or logical faith — travels towards the knowledge of its object… and it closes the distance between the known and the unknown as it goes.

So, faith and blind faith are not just different. They are opposite! … and that’s quite an equivocation made by the opposing team. So, why do so many people swallow the notion that blind faith is a logically inconsistent enterprise and assume that’s how we Christians proceed? Because I haven’t yelled at them yet... hence today’s musings… and I have blind faith that you will enjoy today's article.

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