Monday Musings for July 30, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

I have a devotional thought for you today… and it’s about equality. But let me qualify that. It’s about the type of equality that matters.

You see, we Americans talk a good game. It’s true that our Constitution won’t allow us to set up royalty or privileged classes. But, we do it anyway… conferring titles like the “King of Rock and Roll.”

But at least Elvis had some kind of product… I mean … the man could sing! But what’s the deal with all the celebrities that bring nothing to the table? Why do we put up with… no… wait. Why do we exalt them? Because we do want royalty after all… but we just can’t say it out loud.

Now, this reversal is funny… because a monarchy reflects God more than a democracy does… and if the royalty had paid more attention to God over the years, maybe we wouldn’t be here. But — and rightly so — when the time of the citizen ruler had fully come, we began working towards a more egalitarian society.

But look at what we do — in spite of our Constitution and in spite of our ideals. We set up celebrity-kings at every turn. But if we bow our knees to the right king — to Jesus Christ — then true equality comes.

You see, there are no princes or middle management in heaven. There is our transcendent God — who is above all and in all… and then there is us… and we are all the same.

But I’m only talking about status here… not our essential selves. In heaven, we will be as individual as we are today. But can you picture our world when we all genuinely value each other as equal brethren… but while still enjoying our differences? What a time that will be! … and I can’t wait! But I’ll have to… and I hope to see you there.

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