Monday Musings for August 13, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

Have you ever heard of Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf Education or anthroposophy? And if so, do you think they treat Christianity kindly… because some people do. But be warned: just because people are not bashing God and the Bible with the fervor of Richard Dawkins does not mean that they are friends of Christianity.

In fact, the older I get, the more I am convinced that morphing Christian beliefs even slightly to accommodate any pet belief does more harm to the kingdom of God than does declaring God does not exist from the rooftops!

That’s what we have with Steiner’s co-opting of Jesus. On some level, we wipe our brows with relief when he “honors” Jesus Christ. But, when we read on, we start to see what his teachings are all about… and a cumulative case against them starts to develop.

Now, everybody deserves some slack… and if an otherwise solid person believes that gnomes actually exist (as does Steiner), I’d write that off as a personal —  but not a definitive — quirk. But how many of these do you need to accumulate before you’d call the person definitively quirky? Not too many… and Steiner’s beliefs push anthroposophy way over the limit!

You see, there are many things outside of Christianity that have its taste and smell… but which do not belong to Christ (Matthew 7:21-23). So, there’s the danger with this system of beliefs (along with many others)… and caveat emptor still applies. But who has the time to chase down every quirky belief to its edge? Not me… nor do we have to.

I’ve done enough with this one (I think) so you may dismiss anthroposophy based on my studies, but if you want to go down Steiner’s rabbit hole, that’s on you… and there are plenty of opportunities.

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