Monday Musings for August 27, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

I have a devotional thought today. It’s about choice… and every word flies in the face of America’s victim mentality. Sure… we are all “victims” in that none of us asked to be born. Furthermore, we had no control over where we were born, when we were born and the conditions of our early lives. But after that we were “choosers” not “victims”… and it is immature (and unproductive) to claim perpetual victimhood.

As soon as God peopled the earth, choice was de rigueur and not a burden (think garden, think fruit…) … and we have been free agents ever since. So the question will always be, what have we done with our opportunities… which is just another way of saying that, someday, we have to account for our choices.

That’s what judgment is, by the way — a review of our decisions, not of our circumstances… and the Bible contains story after story of people making decisions — often, bad ones — and enjoying the harvest or reaping the whirlwind as appropriate. But when we make a bad decision and a lesson is learned, the moral moment is not lost. It will inform all our future decisions. And when it does, it will change our lives for the better.

Now, if I’m honest, I think that I am more a product of the wrong decisions I’ve made than the right decisions. After all, the right ones did not stretch me morally. They were more just me living my life. But I see my wrong decisions as “higher” education, and I consider my scars to be “continuing education” (or perhaps even “professional development” for a Christian)… but you see the theme. We grow through our failures. This is why we have so many.

I won’t be talking about physicalism versus free will today, but I can understand the physicalist atheist’s motivation. If we only feel like we are making choices — but that feeling is just our chemistry fooling us while it decides for us — then we have no moral culpability. You see, in the absence of a transcendent moral governor, all entities are amoral — and that would include even the higher biological entities like us humans!

My question to these people is, doesn’t it bother you that we have “evolved” into a huge tribe of morally conscious beings — now numbering in the billions — and that every moment we are making choices for either good or evil exactly as the Bible describes and predicts?

There are many ways to attack the Gospel, but the one in focus today is to attack choice. When people argue that true choice cannot exist because free will is just an illusion, that pulls the rug out from under the Gospel… we being sinners, and all that… because sin cannot exist in the absence of choice.

But it’s not only salvation and morality that pivot on choice. It’s the whole Christian walk. If the physicalists are right, then life is like a cruel joke… although it’s one that has no punchline. But if we are right, then we must continue to make moral choices until Jesus returns. It’s a lot of work. But that’s the job.

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