Monday Musings for September 24, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

I was at a bit of a loss with today’s challenge to Scripture… but probably because it wasn’t a challenge to Scripture at all… just more of a challenge to how we commonly understand things.

Take Melchizedek, for instance. He’s a stand-up guy…. and he shows up in just enough Scripture to help us understand Jesus’ priesthood. But he doesn’t show up enough for us to know his bio. Nevertheless, today’s questioner “knew” some wrong facts about him (and about some other stuff), so she established a false dilemma in her question.

When a question has a logical fallacy like a false dilemma, we can’t answer it as it stands. All we can do is point out how the Bible does not agree with the question’s premises… which is the bulk of today’s answer… but I couldn’t get a read on our questioner — whether or not she was a believer.

So, I invited her to read an article called An Alternative to Death. This is the home page of my website, and it’s had about 2300 visits so far. It’s also my salvation pitch — which is off-topic with her question… but is salvation ever off-topic?

Please pray. I don’t know why she would bother asking a question like this unless she had some Bible background… and I can’t really identify an ax that she might be grinding… so, I don’t really know what’s going on. But she did reach out nonetheless.

My hope is that she’ll respond positively to someone who took the time to give her the data. She had three premises wrong in a three-element question… so I explained these. I always want to know if I’m getting something wrong… so this is a “do unto others” moment for me.

My philosophy is that we only advance in life when we correct false notions or bad behavior. Everything else is just us standing still. But there’s nothing wrong with standing still with God if that’s where you’re at… and, while you’re standing there, enjoy the musings.

To read the article referenced above, visit the link below.

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