Monday Musings for October 15, 2018

Can anything physical be proof of the metaphysical?

Good morning, Musers,

I find myself in a strange place today… one where I agree with Richard Dawkins. Dawkins says that human beings are machines for propagating DNA… and I agree. But what he means by this is that we are merely machines for propagating DNA... and I do accept that downgrade.

You see, the physicalist atheist struggles with the idea of purpose. So, a person like Dawkins — a man who worked hard for his doctorate, fought for his position among his fellows and has become wealthy by spreading the gospel of hopelessness — still insists that life has no purpose! Yet the data of his life shows that he strived and succeeded. So, Dr. Dawkins… is your public being had? I ask because “purpose” is seeping out of your pores!

There’s hope for Dawkins and his ilk, though… because he was so close to the truth in his statement. So let me tighten it up. We humans are soulish machines that also propagate DNA. There… that’s more like it!

But the essential person is not the machine; it just feels like it is because our bodies and souls have been together since birth. But this is a temporary situation. They will separate at death. But when Christ returns, we will receive our resurrected bodies… and we will join those new bodies forever in yet another body/soul relationship.

But the thing we cannot do is prove the existence (or non-existence) of the soul by using any physical data. Our souls are decidedly non-physical… and any “feelings” of soulishness are actually physical phenomena being driven by metaphysical input. But since we can’t separate the physical from the metaphysical parts of our beings, we won’t be able to measure our nonphysical components… not on this side of the grave, anyway.

But what about those times when we cannot feel our souls… like when we are asleep or under sedation? Are those extra-physical data?

When I sleep, I dream… and I still “feel” soulish. So I’ll say no to that one. But I’ve been deeply sedated a couple of times, and I did not dream nor was I aware of anything… including my soul! But does that prove my soul did not exist at those moments? … or more to the point, can it prove such a thing?

This is today’s interesting twist on the recurring topic of whether or not we actually have a soul. Can we prove it one way or the other here on earth? … because it would be great to settle this once and for all!

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