IQ tests, sin and zombies

Monday Musings for October 22, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

When I was in school, I took a lot of tests. (I still do, by the way… although now they’re mostly blood tests.)… and love them or hate them, one of these was an IQ test. But I never took a test for sin… nor did I have to. We all have symptoms of that chronic disease (Romans 3:23)… and even children know there is something wrong with them on some level.

Now, I never thought I’d hear myself saying this… but Hollywood (or a piece of it, anyway) is preaching this to the rafters. You see, it’s time for people everywhere to fear the walking dead!

In the TV series, The Walking Dead, the world is overrun by zombies. But unlike the zombie movies where people need to get bitten to become zombies, everyone on earth is already infected and will become zombies upon their deaths. This makes lots of zombies… and these zombies want to eat you!

But you can’t just kill them as you would non-zombies. You have to destroy their brains… because destruction that doesn’t involve their brains just doesn’t work. So — and as you can imagine! — life is miserable for non-zombies in this dystopic world… and the only hope for humankind is to develop a vaccine. That’s where Hollywood nails it!

In our non-zombified world, everyone is running around infected by sin. Many do not believe that this is so, but it’s impossible to ignore the effects of sin throughout the world. We already have the vaccine for sin, though. It’s made from Jesus’ blood. If you receive him by faith as your Savior, you won’t turn into a zombie (John 1:12). But why is this important? Because God will not have zombies in his presence (1 Contusions 27:3)… and I hope you see the analogy.

In The Walking Dead, the disease is the root problem, not the zombies. They are merely the result of the disease. In our world, sin is the problem… and all the things people hate in the world are results of sin. Although our world’s problems manifest in particular sins, they have their roots in the disease of sin… and every social inequity has sin’s DNA.

The great overarching problem in both worlds is that everyone must shift their resources to address the immediate threats… and this leaves very few to work on a cure for the root problem — and that’s a shame. Without sin there would be no prisons, no racial tension, no untoward wealth variances, no corrupt governments, no low IQs… and the list goes on.

But we do have those things because the world of sin is not a fair place. It’s a place in the process of redemption… and we are distributing the vaccine.

Now, I live in comfort and security while millions live in squalor and desperation — and this inequity is not lost on me. But I’m fighting my share of zombies… and my resources are thin… and I’d like to help more. But I’d also like to think I’m one of the people who is working on the cure — and you can be too.

Share the gospel, make disciples — and remember: when you encounter zombies, go for the brain!

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