Monday Musings for December 10, 2018

Good morning, Musers,

I often feel like Dug, the talking dog in the movie UP, whose concentration is challenged by the occasional squirrel. But here in New England, it’s the squirrels that are challenged. The Bible tells us that in heaven, the streets are paved with gold. But here in Central New England, they’re paved with squirrels. (Follow this link to see Dug).

In fact, I’m of the opinion that you can cross any one of our streets — squirrel by squirrel — without touching the pavement! But today’s subtext asks, should we feel bad for them? I find that I do — and yes — I know that some people consider them to be glorified rats… but I find the Eastern gray squirrel to be a winsome piece of God’s creation.

That being said, they are not human… so there’s a limit to how much sympathy I can muster for them. They are driven by instinct, and they go where they want when they want… roads and vehicles notwithstanding. Then, how about Satan?  He acts according to his nature, too. So, should I have sympathy for him? … because, the way I see it, he’s eternity’s version of roadkill (Revelation 20:10).

I have three different types of creatures in view today: animals, humans and angels — and they have many commonalities. But they have many differences, too — and with these differences comes differing responsibilities… and the unique human responsibility is that we must exercise faith… because faith is a big thing with God
(Hebrews 11:6).

Please note first that all three types of creatures have free will… although the free will of our furry friends is instinctual and does not have a moral component. We humans are also instinctual, but what differentiates us from the animals is that we do have a moral component.

What differentiates us from the angels, however, is the fact that we interface with God using faith — something the animals cannot do and the angels do not need. You see, angels are spiritual beings. As such, they are 100% sure that God exists! So, faith is moot in their realm.

Now, the angels have free will, too, and like ours, theirs has a moral component. That’s where “fallen” angels come from… the most famous being Satan himself. So, where we apply or withhold faith, the angels just obey God or rebel against him directly… and faith has nothing to do with it. But faith has everything to do with redemption.

This is why fallen angels can never return to the fold as we humans can. They aren’t creatures of faith, so they cannot participate in redemption. In this, they are much like our squirrels: once squished always squished. But should we feel sorry for them like I feel sorry for the squirrels?

Now, that’s a great question! Like God, we are sympathetic and empathetic… so, what’s a human to feel about God’s (and our) archenemy? Come and see… and enjoy the musings.

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