Since God has the goods, let’s give him the glory

Monday Musings for May 13, 2019

Good morning, Musers

Does God have a big head? I could make that argument… sort of. After all, he insists on receiving glory… and if I were to try that, people would say, “Who does he think he is!” — and that would be appropriate! After all, I’m not the One True God. I'm not the one who should receive the glory.

But God is the One True God… so it is not a problem when he insists on receiving glory. The problem comes when people operate while having the wrong picture of the biblical God — the God who created the universe… and these are legion.

But that’s not the only “identity” issue that can cause us problems. Even when people have an orthodox picture of God, they can still have a wrong picture of themselves. This too can have consequences — both temporal and eternal.

Now, there is an overarching issue that affects both of these identity problems: truth can’t be found on spongy ground — and having a wrong picture of God is arguably the spongiest! Why’s that? Because a problem like that will affect everything we do. Having the wrong god before us is a breeding ground for error. To people who have no habit of prayer, study, fellowship and service, the wrong god can look like the right God.

But this is not just a God problem. When we humans think wrongly of ourselves, that puts us on spongy ground, too. This problem comes in two flavors: people who think that God will accept their good works for entrance to heaven think too much of themselves… but people who repudiate human exceptionalism think too little of themselves.

My point is that all rational and volitional beings have an ego… and there is an amount of it that is right for God and right for his creatures. But, what is that amount? … and what is our responsibility to ego in terms of knowledge and action in the kingdom of God?

This is where we travel today, so why don’t you join us?

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