Shouldn’t we make God’s laws our laws again?

Monday Musings for June 03, 2019

Good morning, Musers,

Not all laws are God’s laws. For instance, in America, it is not against the laws of most states to kill the most innocent among us — our pre-born citizens. It should be against their laws… and it used to be against the law… but we the people have “decided” that “Thou shalt not kill” does not apply to a certain category of people — pre-born people. How does this happen? There are many factors.

For one, the pro-abortion movement will not acknowledge that these pre-born people are people. They try to minimize their humanity by calling them products of conception… and where that is true, these pre-borns have no standing as people.

This should scare us… because we have a shameful history of doing this. We built this nation, in no small part, on the backs of African slaves — beings who were not considered to be fully human by some — but who were not given human rights by all… not until the nation rent itself in two over the issue.

Under Hitler, the Nazis considered the Jews to be sub-human. This led to the Holocaust… a horror that the world still cannot look away from — nor should it. We need examples of the horror that waits around the corner when people collectively enforce policies that are not in line with God’s law.

That being said, all law — and here I mean the concept of law (and not necessarily every application of it) — is from God. It’s in the Scripture — overtly so in the Ten Commandments — but also, it’s in the air. People throughout all time have either obeyed or rebelled against a moral standard (Romans 2:14-15) … and this confounds physicalists.

The question is, what should we Christians do — or perhaps more honestly… what can we Christians do? In a country like ours — a republic — a critical mass of people can write or change laws as long as the result does not molest our constitution… but what does and does not meet that criteria are often in question. So we have a Supreme Court to adjudicate these matters.

They are not always right in their judgments as we are not always right in ours… but, when the law of the land is decided — and we Christians do not like that decision — what should we do? Should we revolt against our republic so “enlightened” people like us get all the say?

If the 20th century’s attempts at Communism have taught us anything, it’s that such “high ideals” would never work. Republics are the best way to go… but, the will of the people will eventually be accomplished… and people are immature: they want total freedom… but they also want the protection of their parents — which in all cases is the protective umbrella of God.

The Apostle Paul taught that we should obey and revere the government… because rulers receive their mandate from God. This means that our officials are his agents here on earth (Romans 13) — even the bad ones. You see, whatever else we are, we are a collective… and until we are a monarchy again — under Christ — we will perform many horrors in the name of personal liberty.

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