Why don’t I feel like I’m saved?

Monday Musings for August 12, 2019

Good morning, Musers,

I’ve been a Christian for nearly fifty years — and I’ve been at it pretty hard! This isn’t a game for me… nor is it merely a cultural preference. I try to follow Christ… the biblically revealed Christ. So I’ve been praying, studying, fellowshipping and serving for nearly all that time. I’m telling you this to make a point: I have true faith in Jesus Christ; it’s the kind that shows — and furthermore, I have confidence that I am converted! Yet somedays… I just don’t “feel” saved.

This is a conundrum because I do indeed rest in Christ while I work for Christ. It’s just that every so often, I feel disconnected — not just from truth — but from the notion that I ever was or ever could be connected to it. But I am… and I know that at least academically… so, I hold on until those feelings pass.

Well adjusted people talk themselves off the ledge quite often… and I think we’re better off than people who have never visited that ledge. A Christian who has been tested tends to be heartier than the one who has not — and the internet is full of stories of people who have jumped off the ledge!

Most I’ve read have a common theme: they weren’t well educated biblically or philosophically… and they weren’t tested along the way. So when a breeze came along, it caught them by surprise… and it simply blew them off the edge.

One of the purposes of Mainsail Ministries is to make hearty Christians. I do this by giving you an opportunity to face certain challenges preemptively… but I understand that this is only an academic exercise… until the wind blows on you anyway.

Today’s question explores — not what faith is — but what it is for you. My answer touches on what it means for us Christians to live in a world that is hostile to every thought of Christ. But also, it explores that same world… but a version of it where our own thoughts attack us!

We’re used to being buffeted physically, financially and emotionally… but what about spiritually? Are you so tough and vigilant that you pass every test? I don’t…  and I’m at less of a spiritual risk because I know I don’t. Fortunately, I know a few tricks, too… and today’s solution involves some practical life craft to go with a bit of philosophy… and as always, the Scripture.

A reader confessed that — in spite of her Christian bona fides — she didn’t feel saved… and I about melted into a puddle! This is not an uncommon feeling for me. So, I was able to comfort her with the same comfort I have received through Scripture… and through my personal victories (2 Corinthians 1:4).

My hope is that you, too, may come out of the closet where all those “perfect” Christians are hiding. Come out into the real world. Stand on the edge with me and let us face the wind together.

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