Evan Plante’s short bio for Got Questions Ministries

Monday Musings for November 04, 2019

Good morning, Musers,

Many of you know that, in addition to being the director of Mainsail Ministries, I serve as a question responder for Got Questions Ministries. I’ve been serving there for ten years now, and when a writer reaches that milestone, they are asked to write a short bio to share with the editors and with the other writers. So I wrote one, and I thought I’d share it with you too.

You see, there are lessons in everyone’s life… and mine is no exception… but it’s important to know two things about me: I did not grow up in the evangelical tradition, and I was already an adult when I responded to the Gospel and got saved. As such, my habits and my thinking were pretty well fixed — and decidedly secular… and the Bible was uncharted territory for me.

If you take that background — and mix in a little ADHD (and some obsessive tendencies) — you get hints at why I chose this ministry specialty. I’ve spent my whole adult life explaining God to myself… so I just tweaked that. Now my life’s project is showing myself and others how it is that God’s special revelation is not in contradiction with his general revelation.

I wish I could say that I worked that project perfectly… or that after I received Christ, I never looked back… or that I never had failures… and that I stayed true to Christ and have persevered to spiritual greatness. But I can’t. What I can say is, on the whole, I’ve made progress and have made some impact on the kingdom. But a lot of it was ugly.

Ugly is okay, though. I use my failures. I learn from them. Unfortunately, many people have let their failures beat them down — which is not a problem in itself. But some have chosen to stay there — and never get back up! Proverbs says “…. the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.” (24:16). This tells me that the price of progress is falling… and here we can take a lesson from the simple act of walking.

To walk, you must first shift your center of gravity forward… but you must do it in such a way that, if you don’t move your feet, you will fall on your face. Now, sometimes we do fall on our faces… because that’s how God set things up! But we make progress in the main, and God’s kingdom makes progress when we do.

About nine years ago I started the Mainsail Ministries website. The purpose was to make my Q & A work accessible to a wider audience. I also started the Monday Musings mailing list so I could announce my weekly postings and talk about some of the issues surrounding them. To date, I’ve published over 600 articles containing nearly 700,000 words.

My metrics predict that this year about 146,000 people from around the world will visit my site. They will view about 438,000 pages — and in spite of these numbers — I get very little feedback! But do you know what? I don’t need much feedback. I just need the right feedback.

One day a pastor from Kenya contacted me to tell me that my articles had helped him in his ministry. But get this: he had no electricity in his home or in his church — let alone internet access! So he traveled to an internet café and paid to go online… a sacrifice he thought was worth it… so here’s my question for today:

What are the odds that a pastor from Kenya — a guy who had no electricity in his home, who worked a grueling day-job to support his family and who’s life was constrained by choosing where to place the limited resources of his time and money — would connect with a small internet-based ministry from across the globe? Those are long odds. But this pastor was faithful to his vision… and God is faithful to himself.

Today, Pastor Richard Marubi’s initial work has split into four churches that are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to honor the special way God has worked making connections across the globe, these churches have taken Mainsail into their names.

“Jonathan said to the young man who carried his armor, Come, let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised. It may be that the Lord will work for us, for nothing can hinder the Lord from saving by many or by few.'” (1 Samuel 14:6, ESV)

So, if you have a vision for service, I encourage you to step out in faith. After all, that vision came from somewhere! Just be faithful to it — whatever it is and whatever the odds… and it’s okay to test God like this, too. He will be with you if you dare.

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