Walk in wisdom toward the unsaved

Monday Musings for November 25, 2019

Good morning, Musers,

We evangelicals dance this dance: we want everyone to be saved... yet we don’t bring the gospel every moment. Why is this? ... I mean... people need the choice to be saved — and we’re not Calvinists! (... although we act like it much of the time.) But if what the Bible teaches about damnation is true — and it is — then we should be knocking on doors continually.

We do knock on doors though... at least metaphorically. Many of our unsaved friends and family know that we are believers — and that counts for something! But people who don’t understand how salvation works usually see religious people on a gradient. So they classify us as “highly religious.” But salvation is a yes/no type of thing; it is not at all a gradient. It asks, have you relied on Jesus Christ to take away your sins? And the answer can only be yes or no.

Christianity does have a gradient, though. It comes after salvation. In the world of the saved, spiritual lives may be hot, cold... or anywhere in between. But here’s the thing: no matter where we are on that scale, it will never affect our salvation. Unfortunately, it will affect other people’s salvation... and ultimately... that’s why we’re here.

I often think of my own salvation... how it came to be. Growing up, I didn’t know any evangelical Christians. My family, neighbors, classmates and teachers were all Roman Catholic... yet I suspect that some born-again person out there was praying for me! All I know is, when I heard the gospel at 19, I was ready for it... and fire-and-brimstone would not have gotten the job done.

Instead, the gospel I heard was reasonable — and it was delivered with grace! A Christian worldview was then — as it still is today — the best explanation for all the data... the biblical, the anthropological, the philosophical, the spiritual and the physical... and I’ve made it my job to proclaim that — whatever else Christianity is — it is a reasonable enterprise.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s God’s Spirit that does salvation’s work... although reason has to be in the mix. (There are certain things you must know to make sense of receiving Christ.) But I wasn’t saved by knowing things. I was saved by the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit.

So, here we are back at the dance... wondering how we should help people prepare for God’s Spirit. Well... we pray, of course.... and listen to the Spirit. And when we proceed, we should do so with a blend of boldness and sensitivity that any reasonable person would call wisdom... hence today’s devotional thought.

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