What is God’s relationship to time?

Monday Musings for January 20, 2020

Good morning, Musers,

The Bible doesn’t tell us a whole lot about God’s relationship to time. That’s a nut we will have to crack philosophically more so than biblically. So today, we are going to poke around more in Natural Theology than in Biblical Theology. Fortunately, they are both valid methods of godly inquiry.

You see, God revealed himself — not only in the grandness of the universe — but in its parts... and here I’m thinking of the human part. Now, I can’t be sure if we are the only ones who can really behold the universe... although I suspect that’s true. But surely, we are the only ones who can make sense of it. My premise is that God is in the revealing business for our sake... because look what he has done:

He has given us his written revelation in the Bible. He has given us his general revelation in creation. He has given us his living revelation in the person of Jesus Christ. He has given us his spiritual revelation in the person of the Holy Spirit. He has given us his moral revelation in the human conscience. He has given us his functional revelation in human intelligence — and he has created us with a desire to make sense of them all!

It is at those times — the times when I experience the confluence of his word, his Son, his Spirit, his moral law and my ability to comprehend them all — that I feel like I was made in the image of God... but don’t get me wrong: most days I don’t feel that way at all. It’s just that today I do... and that’s worth sharing.

To those of you who do not know, I have no Curriculum Vitae of note. I am a high school graduate — an undistinguished one at that! What this means is that I am not a credentialed philosopher or theologian. But take heart; that’s my brand! In fact, I was able to answer today’s question through my philosophical self-education. That’s my CV. I’m a bit of a grinder... and grinding is a process.

Looking back, I see that God has been patient with me in my processes... and that between us, we have figured a few things out — and today, I get to pay that forward. That’s what Mainsail Ministries is all about. My goal is to make hearty Christians by squaring off with all the data — and we have a lot more data today than did our Christian forebears... and I mean a lot.

So, if a God exists who is sufficient to make the universe we now know about, what would his characteristics be? He would certainly be powerful. But would such a God be transcendent? If so, what is a transcendent God’s relationship to the ongoing realities of time and space? If a Creator-God transcends his creation — as he must — does this logically exclude him from also being the omnipresent God we learned about in Theology Proper?

As you can see, I’ve queued up some interesting discussion for today. So, come and see what God hath wrought — and while you are there, enjoy the musing.

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